“To be involved in running with a group, is to affirm each others capacity to move forward, to embrace life actively, rather than passively. This collective affirmation is the foundation of community that exists between runners. This sense of community is the essence of the running club.”

– Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell

Our Participants and Alumni are taught to embrace opportunity, help others, and build a healthy community in Los Angeles. With the vision and leadership of people like Judge Craig Mitchell our Addiction Care team at The Midnight continues to help people find direction, hope, and strength while living addiction-free.

As part of the Midnight Health & Wellness program, the Breathin’ Easy running club members reflect dedication and action. It’s that simple. 2-3 times a week in the early morning you can find the group of runners leaving Skid Row and trekking through different parts of the city, focusing on the journey.

This is about connection and camaraderie. It’s about making friends and losing pounds. While the goal is for club members to achieve a healthy balance between body, mind, emotions, and spirit, the Breathin’ Easy club is a great way to share time in fellowship, experience meaningful change, and get fit … together.

Interested in sponsoring the club? Feel like joining and running with a group of people dedicated to being a great example? Call us today and get started—213.624.9258 ext.1661.