Being a homeless volunteer organization in Los Angeles means more than giving people a place to sleep at night, it’s about helping them acquire the skills and assets necessary to recover and become fully reintegrated into our society. One of the most important elements of this process is teaching people how to find a job, present themselves during an interview, and succeed in the workplace. At The Midnight Mission, your local center for homeless volunteers in Los Angeles, we provide Job Readiness and preparation training to our homeless population so that everyone who walks out our doors is equipped to succeed in a professional environment.

Our Homeless Population

The Midnight Mission works with homeless people from all over Los Angeles, but Skid Row residents make up the largest demographic of people we serve. In Skid Row, where 1 in 3 residents are homeless, many people struggle with mental health issues, lifestyle disorders, as well as histories of trauma and abuse. Our Job Readiness Program aims to help people manage the difficulties of being homeless and give them the skills they need to thrive in a variety of employment settings.

Jobs For The Future

Our homeless volunteer organization in Los Angeles prides itself on using progressive methods and technology to help our clients get back on their feet. At The Midnight Mission, our Job Readiness Program uses technology-assisted job search engines, career guidance, and interview skills workshops to ensure confidence in our program participants when they are looking for employment. By partnering with local businesses and larger corporations, we can connect people experiencing homelessness with job opportunities that are suited to their needs and skills!

Step By Step

At The Midnight Mission, our work is not over when we help someone find a job that is just the beginning. Once the job has been secured, our trained counselors, mental health professionals, and specialty volunteers work with our clients to ensure that the job can become a lasting asset. Our homeless program participants in Los Angeles also have access to Transitional Housing where they can take a step towards independence without the obstacles of a lease and market prices.

Join Midnight Mission In Our Fight Against Homelessness!

While there are many ways to fight against homelessness, including volunteering and learning about the realities of our housing crisis, one of the best ways to contribute to the cause is to donate to a homeless volunteer organization in Los Angeles. The Midnight Mission is a non-profit that exists thanks to our donors, meaning that any amount you give will help put a roof over someone’s head and more! Contact Anthony Heard at for more information.