Our Healthy Living Program Focuses on Education

In an effort to maximize each participant’s potential, The Midnight’s Healthy Living Team offers an innovative multi-use education center as part of our program. With the help and guidance of highly qualified, empathic staff and volunteer educators, our participants can chart a rewarding educational course that will help strengthen their bridge to self-sufficiency. With an emphasis on educational achievement, The Midnight’s Healthy Living Team helps each participant get a solid understanding of the benefits education holds for them.

Our Team of Educators

Our team guarantees customized approaches to higher learning. It’s that simple. We believe investment in education pays lifelong dividends for each participant. With that in mind, the Healthy Living Team has designed an easy-to-learn curriculum taught in a comfortable setting with the latest technological infrastructure.

Each educator is committed to helping participants experience ongoing change and growth through learning. Participants who enter through our doors come from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of education. Using the best assessment tools and state-of-the-art resources, The Midnight’s Healthy Living staff delivers a highly effective program designed for continuous advancement.

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Email Anthony Heard at aheard@midnightmission.org.