Celebrate Your Birthday
at The Midnight Mission

Helping others is the greatest gift you can receive!

We invite you to celebrate your birthday at The Midnight Mission. It’s easy. Invite your friends to volunteer to serve a meal to our homeless community. Instead of bringing gifts, ask your friends to donate to TMM in your honor. Celebrate your special day with us and impact hundreds of lives!

To take the party to the next level:

  • Bring a cake to share. To those who live in Skid Row, birthday cake is a luxury, but your birthday cake will be the icing on their day.
  • Bring your playlist (or invite your favorite local band), and we will play your tunes during the meal service. Music feeds the soul just as food feeds the body, and our homeless neighbors love to sing and dance.
  • Ask your friends to donate to TMM in your honor instead of bringing gifts.

For more information and to schedule your birthday service, contact Volunteer Manager Andrew Linares at alinares@midnightmission.org.