Safe Sleep Shelter for Homeless Individuals & Families

Safe Sleep offers accommodations to some of our hardest-to-reach clients who tend to avoid shelter beds and require other basic needs. The goal is to offer a flexible, tolerant, and accessible option for staying the night to those who shun traditional shelters. In our downtown LA shelter, our guests will receive the following:

  • Safe, quiet and controlled environment
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Clean, accessible restrooms
  • Onsite security l

The Midnight Mission offers these emergency services to guests at no charge. An individual simply has to walk into the courtyard and ask. Additionally, we offer a family shelter in Los Angeles. We reserve a set number of emergency beds for families with children who are accommodated safely in a separate room designed just for them.

empty beds laid out inside a shelter

Reaching Those Who Need it the Most

One of the most significant community benefits of Project Safe Sleep is after experiencing a good night’s sleep, some of our hard-to-reach guests ask for additional services – referrals to housing, drug and alcohol abuse services, and other beneficial services. Through our Los Angeles homeless shelter, we continue to establish trust allowing us to provide services to those once thought of as unreachable.

Contact Our Downtown LA Shelter for More Information!

If you are interested in further information about our homeless shelter or family shelter in Los Angeles, please do not hesitate to contact our team. You are welcome to email Jeanette Rowe our Director of Programs, at jrowe@midnightmission.org or call 213-624-9258 x 1650. We look forward to speaking with you!