While providing shelter is an important step to helping our homeless population in Los Angeles, we believe an important part of recovery is dealing with the traumas that lead to homelessness and can often result from it as well. We offer access to mental health services and trauma counseling to our participants through our extensive partnerships in the community, meaning that both victims and their families have options when it comes to getting help. Our counselors are trained in trauma management and offer domestic violence and anger management counseling, all with compassion and empathy. Healing looks different for everyone in our community, and sometimes all it takes is a place to be and someone to talk to—so we are proud to offer mental health services in our homeless shelters in Los Angeles.

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Human Trafficking

Due to Los Angeles’ posititon as a nexus for human trafficking imports to the US, we have placed a focus on mental health services for the victims of human trafficking. Homeless shelters in Los Angeles receive a high volume of human trafficking victims who have lived in desperate conditions for long periods of time, often being subjected to sexual violence. Our mental health professionals work with these victims to understand their history, evaluate the nature of their trauma, and to help create a long-term plan for healing. Trauma counselors are available at our homeless shelter for families and for all victims of human trafficking.

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People who suffer from mental health conditions and those who have been the victims of violent and non-violent abuse are some of the most likely people to end up on the street or in homeless shelters in Los Angeles. Here at The Midnight Mission we consider it our responsibility to provide mental health services to help manage depression, anxiety, & PTSD, as well as a homeless shelter for families who are in need. Our team of clinically trained counselors use well-tested strategies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy to help victims process trauma and begin on the path towards healing.

woman and little boyOne of the most important factors for homeless families is the parent-child relationship, but it is also one of the most precarious. HomeLight Family Living, our homeless shelter for families offers in-depth counseling to parents and children to help them maintain their bond and to allow their relationship to be a point of support, instead of a point of stress. During parent-child wellness sessions our families work to strengthen the parent-child connection and help deal with the shame, anger, and tension that can come with living in homeless shelters in Los Angeles.

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A key element of our homeless services is to help families build the motivation it takes to find jobs, housing, and a means of living after staying with us HomeLight Family Living. Our therapeutic counseling helps to build confidence and allows participants to work through some of the self-esteem issues that come with being homeless.

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