Our HomeLight Family Living program is among a growing number of homeless shelters for families across the country. Through no fault of their own, families are facing trauma and economic dislocation. Recovery from the myriad causes of homelessness is more than providing shelter. Midnight Mission Los Angeles provides access to mental health care services to prepare for the challenges ahead. 

Families experiencing homelessness have the added burden of unknown outcomes. Our participants are trauma victims; our counselors help families access a broad range of community mental health services. Our staff training includes the management of trauma, domestic violence, and anger. Every case is treated as unique, and services are tailored to meet the needs of the children and adults.

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Human Trafficking

Due to Los Angeles’ posititon as a nexus for human trafficking imports to the US, we have placed a focus on mental health services for the victims of human trafficking. Homeless shelters in Los Angeles receive a high volume of human trafficking victims who have lived in desperate conditions for long periods of time, often being subjected to sexual violence. Our mental health professionals work with these victims to understand their history, evaluate the nature of their trauma, and to help create a long-term plan for healing. Trauma counselors are available at our homeless shelter for families and for all victims of human trafficking.

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Outside of organic genetic disorders, anxiety and depression are the leading components of becoming unhoused. Long periods of anxiety and depression, as well as traumatic events, will lead to some form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Avoiding certain situations may be simple, but prolonged stress can lead to unmanageable PTSD. 

Non-violent abuse can start in childhood, even unintentionally, by otherwise loving parents. We at The Midnight Mission want to give our participants the tools they need to grow as a family. Our clinically trained staff uses Cognitive Processing Therapy and other cognitive therapies to create a path to a better life. Our methods include well-accepted strategies. 

Human trafficking has been in the news for some time. We at The Midnight have had many victims of this unfortunate illegal activity. The impacts on adults and children are very concerning. Our counselors have been making special efforts to fold these victims into all our services.

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Self-esteem is critical for success. Finding work, housing, childcare, and a reason to move ahead takes confidence and a positive self-image. Everyone has lost some self-esteem in troubling times, but long term, lacking a positive self-image leads to little or no motivation. At The Midnight Mission, we create small successes to build on.

Our work builds confidence, self-esteem, and a vision of a better life. We can provide shelter, but our families need to find the life they want. 

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Family wellness starts with security. The Midnight Mission and HomeLight Family Living provide temporary security. We know the families’ break must be used to prepare for that better life. Family wellness is all about working together on a common cause. Children and adults can be a team – a team we help create.

Donating to homeless shelters for families is more than just another charity. At Midnight Mission Los Angeles, we have known how to save lives since 1914. Feel free to contact us anytime.