Speaker’s Bureau

We at The Midnight feel it is our responsibility to raise awareness, educate, inspire and empower people about the work that we do and the passion with which we do it; to present the diversity of the homeless community in a different light; to provide an introduction to the people we serve; to break down barriers of prejudice; and offer opportunities on how you can get involved. Our speakers regularly speak at corporate events, academic institutions and conferences on topics including recovery, volunteering, service work, inspiration, hope, social change, and homelessness.

1. Speaking Engagements—speaker will come to your company, university or school to share their experience, expertise and personal testimony.

2. Agency Tours—your group visits our downtown location and receives an in-depth tour of our services and programs as well as personal experience and testimony.

” Your tour for our group was very powerful. We all appreciated the energy, passion, and vulnerability that you brought to the presentation… Thanks for being so open and honest and for spending ample time with us.” -Paul H.

To request a speaker email Andrew Linares Volunteer Manager alinares@midnightmission.org or call 213-624-9258 x 1249