Meal Services

We serve three hot, nutritious meals daily to anyone who walks through our doors. Some children come in for breakfast with their families early in the morning and are given a sack lunch to take to school. We see many working adults whose paychecks are not enough to sustain them take part in our meal service. We give anyone in need, no matter their circumstances, the same opportunity to eat three meals a day, six days a week and twice on Sunday. Our daily meal service is a vital first step toward living a self-sufficient life. Our community trusts us and relies on this vital service. With your support, we can continue to feed all those who come to us experiencing hunger.

We provide a safe and fear-free environment where each homeless guest can get basic emergency/life necessities and stay connected to our staff to receive life-sustaining services. The Midnight goes beyond providing a handout.
Our staff connects with each of our homeless guests and develops a strong rapport with them as we share their community.

Many of our homeless guests tell us about their experiences and the challenges associated with homelessness. We listen to what they need and provide adequate food, clothing, and hygiene items to those who ask us for help on a daily basis. We help our guests move forward each day as they continue to reach out, especially during tough economic times.

group of people in a lobby area

For information on services:

Email Karen Santana, Program Manager ksantana@midnightmission.org or call 213-624-9258, x 1645.