Meals for Homeless Individuals in Los Angeles

Food is not only a core human physical need, but also a source of joy, replenishment, and even community – and at The Midnight Mission, we believe everyone deserves access to the food they need to survive and to thrive. That’s why in addition to a wide range of other homeless services, we’re proud to offer a robust meal program for individuals and families experiencing homelessness, serving three hot, nutritious meals per day to anyone who comes through our door. Healing isn’t possible without proper nourishment, and we’re proud to provide it at our Los Angeles homeless shelter and soup kitchen.

Our Soup Kitchen & Skid Row Meal Services

Our daily meal service is a vital first step towards living a fully self-sufficient life, as it gives our guests the energy and the nourishment to thrive, each and every day. We offer three meals a day to everyone who visits our Skid Row kitchen, and we also offer sack lunches for kids to take to school in the morning. We feel honored to get to serve unhoused individuals with nutritious food, but we don’t only feed people who are homeless: many working adults’s paychecks aren’t enough to sustain them fully, so we also see working people take part in our meal service.

We’re proud to provide a safe, supportive environment where our guests can get the basic necessities they need to survive without difficulty or judgment, and our meal service is just one part of that. We strive to go beyond simply providing a handout, working to connect with our unhoused guests and develop a strong rapport as we all share in community. We listen to the struggles of our homeless guests, offering the food, clothing, hygiene items, and support that it takes to help our guests get back on their feet and start life again.

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Donate to The Midnight Mission

We’re proud to feed countless guests at our Skid Row Homeless Center, and if you’d like to join us, we’d love your help. Make a donation today to ensure that The Midnight Mission can continue to be able to provide needed food to homeless individuals around skid row, or if you’d like to get more involved, learn more about volunteering. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to helping every member of our community achieve the life they deserve.

For more on our homeless meal service, please contact:

Email Andrew Linares, Volunteer Manager, alinares@midnightmission.org or call 213-624-9258, X1249.