Our Services – What is the Healthy Living Program?

12-Step Recovery

Unfortunately, addiction is killing people every day. The Midnight Mission believes recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is possible. As the country faces an opioid and meth crisis, we provide a safe path to recovery in the heart of Skid Row. For over four decades, The Midnight Mission has delivered consistent solutions for individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders.

The Midnight Mission embraces the 12-step recovery process, which is one of the most effective programs in helping millions to recover from addiction. We utilize peer-to-peer support, offering accountability and stability for our participants to rebuild their lives. Participants learn self-respect, responsibility, and new skills for maintaining relationships. Our program helps participants develop support networks in the recovery community and learn from others living sober lives. Participants move gradually toward independent living and achieve self-sufficiency by connecting to the best resources while having an innovative safety net. For more information: Matt Scharf Recovery Program Director mscharf@midnightmission.org, (213) 624-9258, Ext. 1701.