The Midnight Mission was established in 1914 to provide aid to those who have experienced homelessness in the Los Angeles County Skid Row area. One of our goals is to repair the lives of the formerly homeless by creating a safety net. We do this by providing a network of resources for members of society to access at any time so they can lead more fulfilling and stable lives.

Lifestyle Resources

Our goal is to assist those transitioning from homelessness to independent living while improving their lives. We offer legal assistance, help with medical care, educational resources, and career-building tools. We rely on friends and family for help with daily living challenges of any magnitude.

Healthy Living Advocacy for Those Experiencing Homelessness

One of our best resources is the Healthy Living Program. In this advocacy program, our experienced and compassionate staff actively engage with participants who have formerly experienced homelessness and need assistance to move toward and maintain a better living standard.

Advocates and participants work in partnership to create opportunities to sustain positive lifestyle changes. We help with securing housing and empowering people to maintain healthy living standards going forward. Our team of healthy living advocates is made up of progressive individuals who are committed to the success of those who participate in the program. Assistance in the areas of education, employment, legal issues, medical needs, and social engagement is customized to fit the unique needs of each individual.

As part of the Healthy Living Program, participants can take advantage of a 12-step recovery program to help with addiction. This aims at transitioning affected persons toward independent living and self-sufficiency while utilizing support networks made up of members of the recovery community that have successfully achieved sober living.

For More Information

To learn more about our Healthy Living Advocacy Program, please contact Marcy Altenes, Recovery Project Manager, at