HomeLight Family Living: Education

Each family in the HomeLight program has access to a suite of educational resources, which include Microsoft® IT Academy, PLATO Learning Environment®, Computer Literacy and Life Skills coursework. HomeLight staff assists participants in setting goals for self-sufficiency through education and ultimately, career preparation. Investment in education pays lifelong dividends.

With a solid technological infrastructure and one-on-one tutoring, participants can strengthen the bridge to independent, successful living. Additionally, as part of their goal plan, family members can connect their educational progress to vocational training or employment/career opportunities to achieve financial stability. With connections to local community colleges, universities, and other academic institutions, HomeLight staff helps families continue their academic progress before, during, and after transition.

For more information:
Email Ricardo Rosales at rrosales@midnightmission.org or call 213.624.9258 x2100

college graduate and her dad