Los Angeles, in recent years, has seen an incredible jump in the homeless population. Some are immigrants with no place to go. Others are transplants from other states who come to California looking for jobs and find that housing is more than they can afford.

Recent trends in rent and real estate have also pushed many families into the streets. Midnight Mission recognizes that there are some serious challenges with the winter weather L.A. experiences and wants to help. They feed the homeless in Los Angeles and offer family shelters in Los Angeles, too.

Winter in Los Angeles

In some aspects, winter in LA is decent during the day. Temperatures are mild and comfortable. At night, they can dip down into the 40s, and if there’s wind and rain, it can feel quite chilly. Those living on the street are scrambling to find a place out of the wind and rain as well as extra clothes or blankets to stay warm. Family shelters in Los Angeles sometimes have to turn people away or help them find space in another shelter.

Staying at Midnight Mission

Midnight Mission provides three meals a day to the homeless community of Los Angeles. Each meal is an opportunity to connect with individuals and offer them a bed and shelter.  If there are no beds available on a given night, staff at Midnight Mission will find individuals and families with children safe, warm places to sleep.

Health Screens for People Experiencing Homelessness

Fluctuations in temperatures from a warmer daytime to a chillier night can cause you to get colds, bronchitis, and pneumonia. Health screens are occasionally provided to incoming families to ensure that everyone is in good health despite their circumstances. The Midnight Mission partners with The Los Angeles Christian Health Center to provide care and support.

Come to Midnight Mission

If you and your children are experiencing homelessness and winter in Los Angeles, please reach out to Midnight Mission. They can help.