When women become homeless, there is a striking contrast in their circumstances when compared to men. Midnight Mission recognizes what these challenges are, and we have made a lot of effort to provide for women in these situations. If you are a woman facing homelessness, or you are already homeless, please contact Midnight Mission for help right away.


1. Homeless Women Usually Have Children in Tow

Rarely do you see homeless men with children, unless the wives or girlfriends are with them. More often than not, it’s single mothers with one or more children in tow. This is an especially difficult challenge because these mothers are trying to keep their children safe and keep the children with them.


2. Women Are More Likely to Be Assaulted in the Streets When Homeless

One study revealed that a whopping 78% of homeless women are likely to experience some form of violent assault on their persons while on the street. That’s a terrifying statistic. If women don’t have a safe place at to shelter during the night, there’s a very high probability they will come to harm while they try to sleep. Providing women with safe shelter is just as challenging as women trying to stay safe on a public sidewalk.


3. Women May Not Know Where or How to Ask for Help

Frustrated, cold, tired, scared, hungry, and worried about their children, women may not know where to turn for help. They may not know who they can trust, especially if they are trying to protect their children. Any personal belongings they may have may also be stolen from them in an attempt to get help. That’s not to say that women wouldn’t be able to find help on their own. It’s just that it may be more difficult given the number of unsavory characters on the street.


4. Women May Be Arrested for Prostitution Just for Being on the Street

In cases of mistaken identity, some homeless women walking on the street may be mistaken by law enforcement and arrested for prostitution or solicitation. Women who are trying to find food or beg for a few dollars could end up in jail on the wrong pretense. It can be very traumatizing, especially if the police don’t believe them. With no money to hire a lawyer, proving the truth could be difficult.


5. Women Have Lower Resistance to Cold

Men have a higher metabolic rate and greater muscle mass. Women have extra subcutaneous fat and greater vasoconstrictive responses. Women are more likely to maintain their body core temperatures but lose all their limbs and digits in extreme cold. It is the biggest reason for getting women out of freezing temperatures and into shelters during the colder months.

If you need a warm, dry, comfortable place to stay, come to Midnight Mission. If you have children, they will not be turned away, nor will anyone try to take them from you.