At The Midnight Mission, we work tirelessly to serve the homeless population of Los Angeles, particularly in Skid Row. We do so by providing our Healthy Living Program with a strong emphasis on education. A portion of this program involves transitional housing which helps each move one step closer to an independent, healthy life. Our dedicated staff helps guide individuals through our transitional housing program, at their own pace and with their own goals in mind.

What is Transitional Housing?

Along with emergency housing and shelters, The Midnight Mission provides transitional housing for those who have found themselves homeless in Los Angeles. Depending on the individual or family circumstances, transitional housing may be a room in a shared living complex or an apartment. Both options are a part of our Healthy Living Program which offers social services through our comprehensive program designed to help each realize their potential.

What We Offer

The Midnight Mission team aims to achieve self-sufficiency for each client. With this in mind, we work closely with the best resources and safety net services to provide a supportive, diverse community and a path forward. Our programs provide the following:

Education: We believe strongly in the power of education. The Midnight Mission has designed a comprehensive curriculum with students at the center and is led by experienced, passionate teachers.

Health & Wellness Program: We provide primary healthcare services as well as exercise opportunities and social experiences. We proudly offer a range of classes in Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi; we offer team sports like basketball, ping pong, and volleyball; and we participate in an avid running club. With these opportunities, we hope to instill healthy activities and choices along with our transitional housing program.

Job Readiness: The Midnight Mission provides a step-by-step process to help individuals obtain a job. We have skilled counselors, mental health professionals, and specialty volunteers to aid clients in the job-seeking process.

Aid The Midnight Mission’s Fight Against Homelessness Today!

While homelessness is still prevalent in Los Angeles, particularly in Skid Row, The Midnight Mission makes considerable progress with our Healthy Living Program and Transitional Housing Program. If you would like to volunteer with us or donate to our mission, please contact The Midnight Mission. We believe we can make an impact on individuals every single day by helping clients realize their full potential and reducing homelessness in Los Angeles.