This year The Midnight Mission’s Banquet of Hope, like so many other events, is taking place virtually. Even though we will not be able to spend an evening together in the same room this October, we can all still come together to make an amazing impact to all those experiencing homelessness in and around Skid Row. At The Midnight Mission, we know that without our donors, sponsors, and partners we wouldn’t be able to provide all of our life changing services. If you’re thinking about giving or are curious how your donations will be used, please read on to hear from a few of our sponsors, who have asked to remain anonymous.

Why Become a Banquet of Hope Sponsor

There are many reasons for an individual, company, or trust to become a Banquet of Hope sponsor. These are just a few reasons that some of our anonymous sponsors shared.

“Choosing to donate and support The Midnight Mission’s Banquet of Hope this year was an easy decision. The need for homeless services to provide meals to families and those experiencing homelessness is at an all-time high. Many of us know and are seeing the need for LA area family shelters is in great demand.” – Anonymous Sponsor

“Each year we make an effort to support The Midnight Mission. We deeply believe in what they are doing for the LA community. We know our donation makes an impact, even when we are only able to provide a smaller one.” – Anonymous Sponsor

“Knowing what our donation to be a Banquet of Hope sponsor goes toward makes writing that check so much easier. Investing in them has been one of the easier business decisions for our company.” – Anonymous Sponsor

How to Become a Banquet of Hope Sponsor

Thank you to all our partners and donors, big and small, one time and recurring who have chosen to invest in us and our mission to help those in need by providing homeless services to those on and around Skid Row. We would be grateful if you decide to donate to our cause and help those experiencing homelessness, no matter the size of your donation.

If you would like to be Midnight Mission’s Banquet of Hope sponsor this year, explore the impact your donation will make to those experiencing homelessness in and out of LA family shelters.