Life skills intervention refers to programs made available to people experiencing homelessness that participants strengthen skills in self-care, food and money management, and safe community participation, providing the empowerment and tools necessary to improve their lives. At The Midnight Mission, we believe in assisting our community through a multifaceted approach, providing emergency housing, mental health services, and life skills coaching to individuals and families in the Los Angeles area to help break the cycle of homelessness.

Facts About Mental Illness and Homelessness

For individuals or families experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, many factors at play make it extremely difficult to return to a point of residential stability. Studies show that adults with mental illness are more at risk for becoming homeless than those without, and mentally ill adults experiencing homelessness are more likely to remain so without intervention.

These individuals spend more days homeless, rate their quality of life lower than those without mental illness, and have marked problems meeting subsistence needs.

How We Provide Support

With the above facts in mind, it is clear that intervention and support must touch on all of these points to be effective. At The Midnight Mission, it is our goal to provide this kind of holistic support by going beyond just emergency food and shelter. We tackle the interlocking complexities of the cycle of homelessness, through our Healthy Living Program, health and wellness services, mental health services, and by focusing on education with career preparedness, life skills interventions, and child development programs.

Outcomes of Life Skills Interventions

The outcome of a life skills intervention for adults experiencing homelessness and mental illness is a developed foundation of knowledge and practical habits, reinforced by practice and application, that can support an individual or family as they re-enter and maintain residential stability.

Support Midnight Mission

Through your support, The Midnight Mission can provide a path to self-sufficiency to countless individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Donated goods, charitable giving, and strategic partnerships are great ways to help, as is volunteering or sponsoring a community event. Contact The Midnight Mission with any questions, and read our success stories to see the impact we can make in people’s lives when we come together.