One of the most difficult conditions for people experiencing homelessness is the lack of educational access and how difficult it can be to be in school without a permanent address. This problem is amplified for families dealing with homelessness because their children do not technically belong to a school district for enrollment. Here at The Midnight Mission Los Angeles, we believe that all people deserve access to education, especially if it helps them land a job and get back on their feet. That’s why our Healthy Living Program offers a range of educational programs taught by highly qualified staff educators. Find out how our education program helps the unhoused find financial opportunities and how you can be a part of The Midnight Mission Los Angeles as a volunteer in LA.

Our Goal

Here at The Midnight Mission Los Angeles, we see education as a tool that the Healthy Living Program’s participants can use to increase their chances of finding employment and securing a stable living situation. While this is one of the many benefits of education, it also helps participants feel more confident in professional settings and more reliable when it comes to holding a steady job. The Midnight Mission Los Angeles has built our educational program to maximize each participant’s potential. With our innovative multi-use education center and the guidance of our staff and volunteer educators, our participants can begin to strengthen their bridge to self-sufficiency in the classroom. If you have a background in education or if you simply want to gain some experience in the classroom setting, you can lend a hand as an educational volunteer in LA.

Our Educators

Our team of staff and volunteer educators guarantees an individualized approach to higher learning. It’s that simple. We believe investment in education pays lifelong dividends for each participant and that the path to education should be rewarding before and after graduation. With that in mind, the Healthy Living Team at The Midnight Mission Los Angeles has designed an easy-to-learn curriculum taught in a comfortable setting with the latest technological infrastructure.

Each educator is committed to helping participants experience ongoing change and growth through learning. Participants who enter through our doors come from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of education. Using the best assessment tools and state-of-the-art resources, The Midnight Mission Los Angeles delivers a highly effective program designed for continuous advancement. Contact The Midnight Mission Los Angeles today to become a volunteer in LA or donate to help those experiencing homelessness here!