The Midnight Mission is an organization in the Los Angeles area that offers support for those experiencing homelessness. They offer crisis housing and 12-step programs as well as food for those in need.

People across the country experience homelessness every year. All it takes is one missed paycheck for people to lose their homes. Though some think this is a problem that only affects adults, it also affects children. Learn about the effects that homelessness has on early childhood development and then find out how The Midnight Mission can help.


One of the major effects of homelessness is isolation. Children who experience homelessness feel isolated from their friends and peers. They may suffer from hygiene issues that lead to bullying or feel embarrassed about their situations. It makes it harder for them to make and maintain friendships and reduces their self-esteem.

Find Emergency Services

Health Problems

The National Center on Family Homelessness found that one out of every 30 children in America experiences homelessness every year, which equates to 2.5 million kids. Some of those children suffer from health problems that affect their development. Family shelters in Los Angeles and other cities provide shelter and resources for those who lack insurance. These health problems can include skin infections or wounds that do not heal, oral hygiene issues, and malnutrition. They cause children to develop at a slower rate than their peers.

Effects at School

There’s also a risk that children experiencing homelessness will suffer from its effects at school. They may move so often that they miss classes at school or need to change schools every few months. These children have a harder time keeping up with their peers. They may fall behind in their classes and need to repeat one or more grades. Kids who lived through homelessness have a greater chance of dropping out than other students do. Schools may expel these students, too.

Lack of Sleep

Homeless shelters for families provide children with safe places to sleep and help them get all the sleep they need. Kids experiencing homelessness often do not get enough sleep, which causes them to fall asleep at school or in social situations. It can affect their health and make it harder for them to concentrate in school and perform certain tasks. Finding family shelters in Los Angeles for those kids is helpful.

Get Emergency Food Help

The Midnight Mission offers help to families and parents in need. Anyone can experience homelessness due to changes at work or with their relationships. Whether you live from one paycheck to the next or find yourself on the brink of losing your home, know that help is out there. Reach out today to find homeless shelters for families in your area or to learn about emergency services.