Los Angeles is a big city, to say the least. Recently, it has seen a boom in the population of people who are homeless. The rise in the cost of living and an influx of people looking for jobs has created the perfect storm for more people to be without a place to live.

If you are looking for a downtown LA homeless shelter, please contact Midnight Mission. Midnight Mission is also an excellent mental health facility for those needing counseling.


Many People Who Are Homeless in L.A. Need Counseling

Quite a large number of people who are homeless are in need of counseling. Not all of them have severe mental health issues. Some are just experiencing depression as a result of their circumstances. Others have a lot of anxiety, and a few more might be experiencing past trauma that causes them to look for places to hide rather than places to live.

If you are experiencing any sort of mental health problem, it is okay. Midnight Mission can help you as they provide you with a secure place to rest and they operate as a mental health facility. If you do not need counseling but do need a place to stay, you can ask the staff at Midnight Mission for help with that, too.


Addressing a Mental Health Issue Helps Put You Back on the Right Path

It’s understandable how one can feel sad, angry, depressed, anxious, or frustrated with a situation. It’s understandable when you feel this way and have no home to call your own, or maybe you lost your home because you have emotions that you can’t control. Once you address and treat these issues, you can start to regain control of your life.

Some 67% of the people who are homeless in L.A. have mental health issues. Helping people find a home and find stability begins with treating the root causes of their homelessness. For these 67%, it’s addressing their mental health. Not every downtown LA homeless shelter addresses mental health, but those that do can make a real difference.

The Better People Feel, the Easier It Is to Get Back on Track

When people feel better mentally and emotionally, they are more able to focus on what is important. This includes finding a job, getting a stable place to live, and maintaining that status. Midnight Mission wants to help you, or anyone you know that has a mental health issue and/or needs a safe place to live. Contact Midnight Mission today to make an appointment.