The Midnight Mission has been transforming lives for 110 years!

Founded in 1914, The Midnight Mission has been offering a path to self-sufficiency to men, women, and children experiencing homelessness since 1914. As a comprehensive homeless shelter and homeless services provider serving the Los Angeles homeless community, we take an approach that fuses care and compassion with meaningful accountability, providing the structure and the resources that people experiencing homelessness need to truly improve their lives.We believe that everyone deserves to live with dignity no matter what they’ve been through, and our multi-faceted approach to homeless services helps our community members make the changes that last.

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With 2 facilities located in Southern California (Los Angeles & South Bay), The Midnight Mission is dedicated to helping those most in need in our community. But we offer more than a homeless shelter: we offer a net of resources and support services that help our guests and program participants get back on their feet and into productive lives.

Our 12-step recovery, family living, job training, education, emergency services, and workforce development programs offer a compassionate bridge to help homeless individuals achieve and maintain healthy, productive lives. We remove obstacles and provide the accountability and structure that people who are experiencing homelessness need to be productive in their communities, and our conviction and commitment to their success propel us to achieve real change.

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Your support of The Midnight Mission helps to provide a path to self-sufficiency for men, women and children who have lost direction. Our volunteers make it possible to deliver the life-changing services that people experiencing homelessness so badly need. We always appreciate those willing to volunteer their time with us, and your support helps to provide a path to self-sufficiency for men, women, and children who have lost direction.

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