Evelyn and Michael (real names are hidden for their protection) are a mother and son who currently live in our Courtyard. Unfortunately, their story is similar to the 13,000 men, women and children who fall into homelessness every month. Evelyn’s husband died tragically a few years ago as a result of a car accident. Until his death, Evelyn was a stay-at-home mom caring for their son and home. After her husband died, she began working as a housekeeper at a local hotel. She maintained a steady income until she injured herself and could no longer work. Temporary, low-paying jobs kept a roof over their heads for a while, but it was extremely difficult to make ends meet. When her landlord informed her that he had sold the house and they would need to move out, Evelyn and Michael moved to a motel. Unfortunately, due to her injury, she eventually lost her job and could no longer afford the daily rates.

With nowhere to go, they came to The Midnight Mission and were introduced to our Courtyard Advocate, Curtis. He immediately recognized their potential and began the process of admitting them to our Courtyard Outreach Program. Here, they have a safe place to sleep and access to food and other necessities, such as clothing and hygiene items, all at no cost.

Since entering our program and with the help of our Career Counselor, Michael was one of 124 Midnight Mission program participants who found employment in 2015. He is also taking advantage of the services provided by our Career Center to enhance his career path and is taking steps to further his education. Evelyn is also taking computer classes so she can return to the workplace with more marketable skills. While the mother and son had not foreseen their lives taking such a difficult turn, they are both working hard to improve and transform their circumstances to become self-sufficient again.

No one story is the same, which is why The Midnight’s programs focus on each individual, making the transformation to self-sufficiency possible.