Rebecca stopped by recently for a visit at The Midnight Mission and we got an update on her life, recovery and plans for the future.

Rebecca was caught in the downward spiral of drug and alcohol addiction.  “I was homeless, hopeless and desperate and I could no longer provide for my then, 3 year old son, Michael.”  Rebecca had finally hit a bottom – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“I came to Los Angeles from Seattle trying to escape the horrible life I had been living.  I wanted a new life so I could be a good mother, and have some sort of future for me and my son,” Rebecca said.

“I got sober in July of 2011 and with the help of a friend, got into The Midnight Mission’s Family Housing Program in May of 2012. That changed everything for me.  I was able to go to work while my son received child care.  I also enrolled in school and got really involved in all the services available there.  I graduated from the Family Housing program in January, 2014.” She and her son now have their own apartment in Hollywood, California.

Rebecca has just finished her Clinical Trials as a Surgical Technician with some of the regions’ top surgeons at a Joint Commission accredited hospital and will be taking her “Board Certification” exam later this month. She is enrolled again in school and plans to continue her education, working towards her bachelors’ degree. In addition to being a single mom, working fulltime and attending classes; she runs with The Midnight Runners. Rebecca successfully completed the Los Angeles Marathon in March and is training for the Seattle Marathon in November. She also has a couple half-marathons and 10k’s in her medal collection.

“I am so grateful to The Midnight Mission and all they have done for me and my son, all of these amazing events that have come to pass and are still ahead would not have been possible without it…”