On November 10th, we sat down with Peter R. and asked him how The Midnight Mission had helped him get his life back on track.   This is what he wrote:

I have come a long way from a hopeless situation to hope.  I’ve been The Midnight for 9 months and 2 weeks.  I have learned how to embrace my recovery and living situation.
The Midnight has helped me with my health and education goals.  They helped me become a citizen again, back into society.  They have taught me job responsibility through work therapy.  They also helped me clean up my traffic citations by doing community service.
Thank you Midnight Mission.

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to populate our blog with stories of success.   You will see how our life changing and lifesaving services help to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to so many lives.   Thank you for being a part of this vision, we could not do what we do without you.