With the unusually rainy weather we have received these first few months of 2017, it is proving to be yet another challenging year for The Midnight Mission and our surrounding communities. With the rise in homelessness persisting, the services we provide at our shelter are needed now more than ever. The Midnight Mission has been feeding and caring for homeless individuals since 1914, and with you as our partner we hope to be around for many more years to come.
Times have changed dramatically. Our services have expanded to meet the needs of a diverse community where homelessness has reached a crisis stage.  We now serve three free nutritious meals a day, seven days a week to men women and children of all ages, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientation.  Among the many services we provide are medical care, a recovery program and we even provide diapers to the babies of homeless and low income parents.
Women’s Crisis & Bridge Housing Center
Due the rapid increase in women experiencing homelessness, The Midnight Mission opened a Women’s Crisis & Bridge Housing Center. Our center provides women with a safe place to sleep, three meals per day and access to on-site services like counseling, job training and instructor-led classes. They are also connected with a housing navigator in order to quickly end their episode of homelessness.
Basic Needs
Every day thousands of people walk through our doors in need of basic human necessities. The Midnight distributes items we take for granted such as hygiene kits, which include soap, toothpaste and a tooth brush. Families that need groceries may also receive a box full of nonperishable food and diapers are available for those who have young children.
Bathrooms on Skid Row are scarce. The Midnight Mission is one of only three facilities that allow 24-hour access to restrooms and showers. Emergency clothing is also readily available, which gives people a renewed sense of self-worth and belonging within their community, along with connections to mental and physical health care services and housing resources.
On any given night 1 out of every 217 people in L.A. County is homeless. This is the day you help those who are most in need.