As homelessness continues to increase dramatically, the services that The Midnight Mission (TMM) provides are needed now more than ever. During the most recent homelessness count coordinated in partnership with HUD, we learned that homelessness increased by 23% in the County. Considering the dramatic surge of people seeking help at The Midnight Mission, this was no surprise. TMM has been feeding and caring for homeless and near homeless individuals since 1914 and although the population and demographics keep changing, our values and mission remain the same. Our services have expanded throughout the years to meet the needs of a diverse community where homelessness has reached a crisis stage. With the homeless population getting younger and more diverse, we believe that education, workforce development and health services are essential in improving the lives of our guests and participants once their basic needs are met. Many of these programs have not traditionally been considered part of the safety net, but play a crucial role affecting an individual and family’s well-being.
At TMM we strongly believe that an investment in education pays lifelong dividends for each of our participants. On average, 35% of those entering our program do not have a high school diploma or GED, so our Academic and Career Excellence Center (ACE) is a vital component to their future success.
The Midnight Mission’s (TMM) Healthy Living Program is residential program where participants stay an average of 12 months. The program encompasses primary healthcare as well as fitness classes and exercise opportunities designed to improve the physical, social and emotional health
Through our collaborative partnerships with Los Angeles Christian Health Centers (LACHC) and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP), TMM’s Healthy Living Program is addressing significant health needs in our community by bringing comprehensive care to our program participants.