100 Boeing employees, friends, and family members volunteered at The Midnight Mission (TMM) on Saturday, July 13 as part of Boeing’s Global Month of Service.

Boeing volunteers …

  • served 403 meals to homeless and near-homeless individuals in The Midnight Mission dining hall.
  • created 160 hygiene kits for homeless near-homeless individuals.
  • distributed well over 1,500 articles of clothing to approximately 500 homeless and near-homeless individuals in the Midnight Mission loading dock.
  • distributed 120 bottles of drinking water in The Midnight Mission “Safe Sleep” courtyard and on the streets of skid row.

All of the above services were performed by Boeing employees and their friends and family with professionalism, good cheer, community spirit, and genuine affection and respect for the homeless and near-homeless individuals and families they met. Thank you to Boeing for your friendship and support!

Check out our Facebook page for photos of the event!