This is the day ... to help the most vulnerable people in Southern California.

A heartfelt thanks to our supporters who have reached out to donate, volunteer and lend a helping hand since the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Donations have begun to decline as our community struggles with uncertainty about the future.

We have watched the number of take-out meals we serve double, then triple in the last week! While other services to the people of Skid Row have stopped or cut back, we are working tirelessly to provide ways to make our emergency services (hot meals, showers, a safe place to sleep, etc.) available to our homeless neighbors during this “Safer at Home” order.

We ask that you remember the vulnerable families and homeless men and women whose lives you can impact as you and your family wait out this storm. Our community needs our help now more than ever. You can help.

Make a financial donation through our website, TODAY if you can: https://www.midnightmission.org/donate/

Volunteer. volunteer@midnightmission.org If you’re feeling healthy, without any symptoms, please consider lending a hand.

Send much-needed items directly to The Midnight Mission.

We are serving thousands of “take-out” meals each day, and we are expecting that number to increase as other feeding programs reduce or discontinue services.

  • Disposable multi-compartment to-go food containers
  • Disposable utensils (forks, spoons, knives)
  • Napkins
  • Disposable lunch bags
  • Single serving beverages
  • Plastic wrap
  • Re-sealable storage bags
  • Bread
  • Ready to eat meals, including sandwiches
  • Chips

We desperately need the following supplies to keep our facility clean and safe:

  • EPA approved Antibacterial disinfecting cleaners
  • Antibacterial disinfecting wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Surgical masks (for people presenting with a cough)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Infra-red no-touch thermometers

This is the day‚Ķ to help those who have no place to be “Safer at Home.”

As you know, the new “Safer at Home” order was activated on March 20. But, how can the almost 59,000 people without a HOME obey that order? For those experiencing homelessness, there is no “Safer at Home” option.

As the rest of the world is closing their doors, those without doors are left scared and hopeless on our streets, with no options. A recent study shows that homeless people infected by COVID-19 are twice as likely to be hospitalized, two to four times as likely to require critical care, and two to three times as likely to die as the general population. The doors at The Midnight Mission will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they have for over one hundred years.

The safety and security of our community guests, program participants, volunteers, and staff are our highest priority. We are closely monitoring official recommendations and will continue to meet the growing needs of our community by adjusting our plans as guided by these official experts. Please follow us on our social media platforms to learn what actions you can take to help us through this challenging time.

Thank you for being a part of The Midnight Mission’s family and ensuring that individuals and families experiencing homelessness have the support they need to stay safe and healthy through this crisis and beyond.

With your help, we can continue to serve those in need here on Skid Row. Please consider a generous gift today. We appreciate you so much.